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WE ARE IN SEARCH OF ANOTHER BOARD MEMBER!! If you are interested, please email The Board or call Dave at (360)-385-3308 . We look forward to hearing from you!


Liz Revord, Executive Director


   Originally from the Great Lakes, Liz grew up in Michigan on a large farm. From a young age she rode with friends and cousins to get around, and was bummed to come home one day to find her mom had given her sweet hot pink Huffy away to a neighbor in need. Liz earned her BA in Political Science and Environmental Studies at the University of South Florida and by way of Michigan (again), Los Angeles, Napa, and Portland, found her way back to education in Humboldt County, CA. She received her Master's Degrein 2018, focusing her thesis on industrial contamination, community advocacy, and water quality. Previous experience as a Disaster Responder for the American Red Cross, where she met her husband, led her to a life long commitment to the non-profit sector, focusing on community advocacy and wellness. Liz and her husband Willie now live in Jefferson County and take every chance they get to explore the Olympic Peninsula on bikes. When not riding her Gorilla Monsoon, Liz enjoys traveling, good food, awesome beer, and amazing friends.

You can reach Liz at

JONATHAN ARP, Shop manager


Jonathan, born in North Carolina, grew up on the coast of Virginia. He parted out bikes as a kid and arrived in Richmond to study sculpture at VCU with a blue tired banana seated BMX bike, only to fall in love with commuter bikes and bikes that haul things. This led to touring at home and abroad and a life of various jobs around food and education, including driving a bookmobile in Norfolk, VA. His professional bike shop experience started in a small shop in Portsmouth where he was involved in projects that ranged from restoring classic bikes, including one from 1894, to repairing carbon fiber Colnagos. During his move westward with his wife and daughter he spent some time in Colorado fabricating a frame, fork,and a couple of handlebars. He is excited to ride the roads and trails in this area and he hopes to eventually make more bikes.

 You can reach jonathan at Shop@ptrecyclery.orG

Casey Reuck, Mechanic


Casey Reuck (or Doc) grew up in Northern California and never feels quite at home if he can’t see the mountains. He started working on bikes and racing in the late 70’s and hasn’t looked back since. After several years living in the Midwest with his wife’s family, he is now back where he can see both the ocean and the mountains. Casey and his wife have a small herd of bicycles behind the school bus they’ve remodeled and now share with their Krabby Kitty. Casey passionately shares his knowledge and understanding of bicycles, and his enthusiasm shines with an active audience! When not riding his bicycle, reading about bicycles, or repairing them, Casey can be found knitting downtown or in a shady spot sketching the beauty of the area (and if you're real lucky, he may try his hand at juggling for you!

Casey Knopf, Mechanic


Casey Knopf (or CJ) was born in California, and grew up in Hawaii. He has found the bicycle to be the perfect mode of transportation for the simple, slow paced lifestyle he enjoys. When he's not spreading aloha at The ReCyclery, CJ can usually be found in the garden, or at the beach.

Joe Sastic, Mechanic


board of directors


   Dave Thielk spent the first ten years of his professional life working as an environmental biologist. Most of his research and publications addressed the fate of metals carried by freshwater systems into estuaries, using electrochemical properties of heavy metals to predict toxicity in an aquatic system. During the next 30 years, Dave taught high school science and math courses. Always ready for a change, he left the classroom several times to pursue educational consulting work. His expertise ranged from math and science curriculum development, to systems level school improvement work, to instructional coaching. Throughout his career, a guiding paradigm has been equity and access for all learners. From the age of five till the present, Dave has considered bicycling as his primary transportation mode. He views the bicycle as a medium for freedom, self-reliance, access, mobility and independence. He has maintained his own bikes for 52 years. He currently owns and uses 3 rides, two of which he built from the wheels up. Dave lives on a large urban lot in Port Townsend with his wife, Yuko, their dog, eight hens, and a 2,500 square foot garden. For fun he fiddles, banjos, and calls for traditional Appalachian-style community dances.

Lia Johnston

   Lia first discovered the joys and possibilities of biking for transportation after moving to Eugene, Oregon from the car-centric suburb of her childhood. Since then, she has biked for daily transportation, camping adventures, and everything in between. After completing her undergraduate degree at University of Oregon and graduate studies in Austin, Texas, Lia worked as a bilingual speech-language pathologist, serving Spanish & English speaking children and their families. Happy to be back to her Pacific Northwest roots, she is grateful for every opportunity to explore this beautiful part of the world. Lia is inspired by the ReCyclery's dedication to making cycling accessible and fun for the whole community!

John Van Ackeren


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