Interested in Volunteering?
We believe you are integral in fulfilling our mission of “promoting bicycle use for a healthier and more sustainable community,” and invite you to learn and have fun with us as we build a strong bicycle culture.

Volunteer Opportunities

Read on below, fill out a volunteer application or contact if you'd like to learn more

bike mechanic

Are you an experience bike mechanic?  We need your help refurbishing old bikes for new riders.

Come in any time Thursday afternoons from 12 - 6pm in the Summer, and til 5 in the Winter

Call 643-1755, email, or just show up.


Do you enjoy mountain biking and being around energetic kids?

This program is designed to get the youth in Port Townsend and Jefferson County excited about riding bikes. What a better way to create a life long cyclist than to get 'em out on the trail!?! Volunteer Coaches ride with the team as chaperones; there are always 2-3 coaches per ride for safety. Coaches also get first aid training and a good workout every practice. 
*Note: you do not have to be a skilled rider to Coach, but you must be confident on a bike. 

Practices normally take place on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons for 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Bike Educator

Are you interested in teaching kids how to bike and walk safely?

Join us, and Blue Heron P.E. teachers in riding with and teaching Middle schoolers safe riding habits, and maintaining their fleet of P.E. bikes.

Walking and biking are not only beneficial for the students health and wellness, it also helps them concentrate at school. It makes the roads safer, reduces the carbon entering our atmosphere, and keeps money that would be spent on filling the gas tank in our pocketbooks. 

Community Shop Days extra help

Volunteer Greeter or Mentor

Don't have bike maintenance experience but wanna help out?

This community oriented day is centered around learning more about bikes.  Volunteers with no mechanics experience are encouraged to come help out by parting out bikes or other intuitive tasks with mechanic's advice.

Friday's and Saturdays 12pm til 6pm (5pm during Winter hours)

Bike to school day liaison

National Bike/Walk to School Day the first wednesday in May and october

Want to inspire more "active" transportation for healthy physical activity, socializing and FUN?

"Walking school buses" and "bike trains," are great ways for parents and other community members to be actively involved in supervising kids to school. Addressing not only concerns about personal security, but offering time to socialize and be active. 

Walking school buses are groups of children that walk designated routes to school under adult supervision. Some start with parents picking up kids along the way just like a bus, while others have a central meeting point from which everyone walks together. Similarly, bike trains are supervised by adults who act as "conductors or cabooses" (ride leaders). Both activities are fun ways to practice safety skills, whether during this special event or on daily trips to school.

For more information about event planning from the national sponsor, check out:    If you are interested in helping with the event let The ReCyclery know!


The ReCyclery is in the beginning stages of working with community members to build a Bicycle Skills Park. We need motivated, enthusiastic folks who are interested in supporting youth and adult fitness and fun. If you are interested email

Board Member

Are you interested in seeing the ReCyclery continue to prosper and thrive? Become a Board Member!

Perhaps one of the most important volunteer positions in a non-profit organization, The ReCyclery Board of Directors a working board - meaning  board members work as unpaid staff for the nonprofit as well as a governing body. Examples of this are treasurers who are also the nonprofit's bookkeeper or a marketing professional on the board who handles ad buys, or, in the case of fundraising, a board member who also writes the organization's grants. This kind of work does indicate a smaller nonprofit, generally one in its early years that doesn't yet have the financial resources to hire professional staff in these day-to-day positions. (thanks to this Non-Profit Blog for the definition)

Community Ride Leader

Want to meet people who enjoy biking? Lead a Group Ride! 

Group Ride Leaders are normally motivated by seeing a need in the community for more camaraderie within a specific group. If you are interested and motivated to get a ride together contact us to coordinate an event. Check out the upcoming group rides here.

Construction/Carpentry Rock Stars

Do you like projects with a beginning and an end? We always have some sort of construction or building project that we need help with


Have a group who wants a volunteer project? 

Contact the ReCyclery - we always have work to be done!

Tour de forts volunteer committee

Contact for more details on the following positions:

- Sponsorship Coordinator
- Publicity Coordinator
- Route Coordinator
- Registration Coordinator

Get Involved!

Volunteer Philosophy Statement

We value community involvement through encouraging volunteer participation in our bicycle programs and shop space. Volunteers bring great diversity, knowledge and vibrancy to the ReCyclery.

We provide volunteers with:

  • A fun and safe environment
  • Opportunities for learning skills like bike mechanics, teaching, and leadership
  • A collaborative relationship with our staff and volunteer Board of Directors
  • Recognition for their service to the ReCyclery and our community

Only with the support of our volunteers can we build a strong bicycle culture in Jefferson County.

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