Bicycle Benefits

Jefferson County Businesses are becoming more bicycle friendly! Purchase a "Bicycle Benefits" Helmet Sticker and ride your bike to the businesses listed below to receive a perk and learn more about how your business can support cycling.

How it works: 

For cyclists:

1. Get a sticker at The ReCyclery or Food Coop for $5
2. Put it on your helmet
3. Bike and save! Show your sticker at participating businesses 

participating businesses

How it works: For businesses:

1. Get a sticker kit by contacting the ReCyclery.

2. Decide on the benefit you’ll offer

Need ideas? Check out the website to see what other businesses offer. A minimum discount of 10% is recommended. The idea is to give a large enough perk to change peoples minds to bike rather than drive

3. Display your window sticker and sell helmet stickers for $5 (selling stickers is optional)

Your business will also be included on the Bicycle Benefits website.

For more information, please contact

The bottom line: Cycling is more economical. Click here to learn more

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